Wall installation
Photography on fleece wallpaper
Size of the image: 360 × 1050 and 360 × 470 cm

for the exhibition 'The Walls'
Kunsthaus Göttingen
curated by Ute Eskildsen

I cover a wall with a photo that plays with not being an image, but a part of reality. The photograph is a trompe l'oeil.

The image is constructed and consists of countless individual shots of tarpaulins and pieces from the urban space. With the camera, I scan what I see piece by piece and break it down into hundreds of individual parts like a puzzle. Then I construct and compose a new image from these elements on the computer. I flip some parts, cut them apart and put them together differently. I mix the lighting conditions of different times of day.

The image reveals its construction. Some elements I use several times and light situations contradict each other.


The work WALL was nominated for the art award of the Haus am Kleistpark 2023 with the theme 'punctum'.

A subtle difference emerges between image and reality. I am interested in the questions that arise from this difference:  What do we see? What do we expect to see? What remains hidden or excluded, limited or protected? What does authenticity imply in photography? How do we construct our own image of reality?

The perception shifts. Where is the small crack that we furtively try to touch on the wallpaper? Where a small hole, a small spot, a small cut - something Roland Barthes describes with the term punctum, which throws us viewers off balance? What is the element of the unexpected that seeks to shake our habitual patterns of perception?