Time and Again

10 photographs, 80 × 120 cm and 60 × 90 cm
Pigment pint on Sihl Wallpaper
Hanging system (waxed oak, magnets)

ca. 350 pages Logbook-entries
'Senior Craftman Handover',
29,7 × 17 cm each

Layout: Leila Tabassomi


The photographs were taken during the residency at Halsnøy Kloster (Norway) in May 2019.


On the small island of Halsnøy I spent a lot of time at a shipyard. There is a large area for the storage and preservation of ships and objects from seafaring, which have no use at the moment, are to be restored or have been completely discarded.
The photographs were taken in this area.

I came across an around 20 year old, discarded handwritten logbook, titled Senior Craftman Handover. Daily entries by a handful of men accounting their strenuous work in order to defy the elements and daily wear and tear. Chores which have to be repeated over and over, day after night after day and which bring to mind Sisyphos: "Fresh water taken. Messroom cleaned. Singled up. Full wash down. Mopped lower c/d. Full drill. Bridge windows cleaned."
Time and again.

The work TIME AND AGAIN was nominated for the Haus am Kleistpark 2021 Art Award in November 2020.