59 Photographs (Territory), 45 × 67,5 cm each
Pigmentprint on Tecco Wallpaper, magnets

59 Text sheets with spektrograms, 29,7 × 21 cm each
Printer paper, magnets

5 Photographs (Bird ringing), 22 × 33 cm each
Pigmentprint on baryta paper, framed

Quote, vinyl lettering

Layout: Leila Tabassomi


Berlin is the capital of nightingales. In spring, the males’ whistles and trills fill the whole city, and not just a few appear to amplify their song by singing close to bridges. Sometimes they can even be heard next to a passing S-Bahn train. Nightingales are faithful to their habitat and return to the same place every year.
I set off on nocturnal forays to seek out nightingales in Berlin and then shot these same urban spaces during the day. The images, taken between Platz der Luftbrücke and Mauerweg, show everyday places which otherwise receive little attention. I also recorded the birds’ songs, which they use to claim their territory. The songs form part of the exhibition concept as sound installation and graphic visualization.  

The work TERRITORY was realized with the Haus am Kleistpark 2018 photography work grant.