Object #1 – #240

240 Objects & nylon thread
Size: 315 × 315 × 260 cm
Änderungen Aller Art, Mönchengladbach

Within the residency „Änderungen aller Art“ ("Changes of all kinds"), Mönchengladbach


For this residency the inhabitants of the city of Mönchengladbach are called to donate discarded items of any kind. Two artists are invited together for one week each to create an exhibition from these objects in the course of 7 days.
Created by Vesko Gösel and Philipp König in 2013.


Object #1 – #240

In a square of 315 × 315 cm, nylon threads are fastened in a strict grid to the ceiling of the room. On each thread hangs an object – a total of 240 pieces.
The objects are suspended from their centre of gravity and thus appear as if to float on the surface of water.
Due to the length of the threads, the objects always move almost imperceptibly.

"Daniela Friebel, who primarily works with illusionist site specific installations, has created a work for the exhibition that looks like a floating carpet of things. For this purpose, she has suspended individual objects from the ceiling on nylon threads. I immediately had the association with the littered ocean, especially when a small breeze made the objects rock. At the same time, however, the floating representations in advertising also came to my mind, such as a new smartphone gently navigating into the picture as if it were sailing down from the sky. The fetish of the latter determines the image in front of it, both are part of the reality whose mutual dependence we (have to) endure".

Excerpt from OMG, a long article by Deborah Kötting from June 2017 on the website 'stadt-land-text.de' about Mönchengladbach, the city's desire to sort and the project "Changes of all kinds".
Translation Daniela Friebel