Curtain II

Wall installation
Photograph on fleece wallpaper
Size of the curtain: 102 × 85 inches, total size of the wallpaper varies
‘Leipzig. Photography since 1839’
curated by Christoph Tannert

The wall installation shows the image of a white linen curtain that is approximately 102 inches wide and which is slightly open in the middle. The curtain is life-size. It was especially designed for the exhibition ‘Leipzig. Photography since 1839’ and plays with the visitors’ expectation that photographs taken early in the history of photography are very light sensitive and can only be displayed in subdued light.

”… It is only then that the curtain lifts to unveil photographer Daniela Friebel’s trompe l’oeil, which due to its technique and form irritates – in a thought-provoking way – as it makes reference to photography’s promise to depict reality, and makes it possible to see the history of photography in Leipzig …”

Philipp Freytag, Rundbrief Fotografie (photography newsletter) 18 (2011) No. 2, p. 25