View from other side

Pigmentdruck auf Barytpapier
gerahmt (Eiche, gewachst)
110 × 100 cm



Das Bild 'View from other side' ist die stark vergrößerte Fotografie eines kommerziellen Dias aus den 1970er Jahren.

Das Dia wurde während der Aufnahme durchleuchtet und gleichzeitig auch von vorn ausgeleuchtet.

aus dem Pressetext

von Majla Zeneli

Daniela Friebel is intrigued by the question of how we perceive images – and consequently, the perception of reality. She plays with photographic illusions in order to muse about the surface of images, the surface of things – and the tension between the visible and the invisible.
Friebel's photograph in the exhibition “Reflections” shows an object trouvé, in the form of a diapositive that becomes a translucent mise en abyme: the paper frame of the diapositive turns into a picture in its own right – with instructions of itself inscribed.
Those who still remember the analogous film frames know how a slide should be put on a projector upside down and reversed. Yet on this paper frame configures an additional instruction: “View from other side” which not only indicates the poetics of seeing but can be interpreted in different ways and reads like poetry.


Anläßlich der Ausstellung 'Reflections / Appropriating Language 21' in der Galerie Manière Noire mit Tom McGlynn, Holger Stark & Daniela Friebel.